Smooth interpersonal relationships

Installed within Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong. Part of a group show entitled "Horn Of Plenty: Excess and Reversibility".

We set up a compact yet highly functional nail salon where any visitor was able to sit down, take their shoes off, and experience a pleasurable (albeit slightly humorous) adventure. Combining jostling functionality, novel design solutions, soothing sound and contextually relevant objects, the space developed into an aesthetically-unusual, ephemeral temple, dedicated to the maintenance and serious beautification of humanities most vital appendages (the hands and feet).

Unfortunately, the project failed to speak to as many people as we would have liked, especially migrant communities employed as domestic workers living in Hong Kong, whom we actively invited to the space. But this disappointment can only re-constitute itself as fertilizer for a future project.

Trained at Safir Nail Salon, Paddington, Sydney.

Invitations by Greedy Hen.

Uniforms by Emma Capps.

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