Replacing José Francisco de San Martin

On the 28th of July 1821 Argentinean General José Francisco de San Martin publicly declared Peru's independence from the Spanish Monarchy. Soon after San Martin was officially declared the "Protector of Peruvian Freedom". It was an event that would see both San Martin and the South American liberation written into history.

172 years later the lord mayor of Sydney, Frank Sartor, quietly reiterated the significance of that moment when he opened the Ibero American Plaza; a small sculpture park nestled within a pedestrian boundary to Sydney's Central train station.

There the bronzed personage of San Martin sat proudly amongst the other heroes of Spanish and Portuguese colonial liberation. That is until his likeness disappeared sometime before November 2007; leaving the plaza with one less revolutionary and one empty pedestal.

With a 5 kg block of clay and three sets of eager hands we put José Francisco de San Martin back on his pedestal. Two days later he had again disappeared.

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