An ongiong project commenced as a part of "Friends" at TCB art inc.

Dear ..........

This letter comes to you with a purpose. In fact, it is our intention that this letter be a means for animating an exchange between the two of us. Our end of the transcation is carried out under the registered business name of Bababa International (ABN: 22 369 814 836) and you, yourself, who you already are.

This line of exchange was made possible by our mutual inclusion in the art-show Friends. For our contribution we set out to fund Friends in its entirety. Including the cost of the gallery hire and individual payments to each of the participating artists (excluding ourselves - Bababa International).

In your hands you hold the consequences and thereby 1/15th of our contribution to the show, categorized as investing.

Please find enclosed with this letter a cheque to the amount of $1000, payable to yourself.

In providing this exchangeable resource we hope to embolden you to exploit its potential. We should make it clear that this is not an act of altruism. Instead we are attempting to test the conviction that even the most vexed of mediums, in this case - money, can serve as a vehicle for all those hankering to travel. Admittedly, the true test of this conviction would be the hard-headed extension of those included for consideration - $1000 for every human-being currently breathing. Of course, this is beyond our currently modest means. But we're willing to start somewhere, with you.

Gateless regards,

Bababa International

The sister work of Investing is Debt, a $15,000 hole that, through various business ventures, Bababa International are attempting to climb out from.

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