Presented by 4A Gallery as a part of the Shanghai Biennale, China.

Flue is a system built around an interest in materials; how they are used and how they are shaped into things that are used. Fractured into three separate spaces, this 3-month long installation centered on the production of a peculiar, yet functional object: a cement brick, doubling as a vessel.

By pushing heavy, moveable walls created throughout the space, visitors could send materials for the production of these pot-bricks into a single, final room. Within this room, audio instructions explained how to make these objects by mixing concrete, inserting a hollow form, and leaving it to set in iron casts. Visitors could complete a form to reserve bricks that they or others had made. At the end of the exhibition, the objects were mailed by China Post to those who had reserved them.

Flue is about the creative possibilities of a world full of stuff, which simultaneously blocks and facilitates production.

VIDEOS & Photos

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